Engagement session - J & N

This has to be one of my most favorite shoots - my first time shooting in the mountains for a client! They even flew in from Manitoba. What an amazing, kind couple who are so in love. It was my pleasure to spend the afternoon with them. It was a funny day - started off with a big storm, then some snow, then some sun, back to clouds - we saw it all that day - it was soooo fun! :) 1wm 2wm 3wm 4wm 7wm 13wm 16wm 17wm 20wm 21wm 23wm 24wm 25wm 26wm 27wm 28wm 29wm 31wm 32wm 33wm 34wm 36wm 37wm 38wm 40wm 44wm 45wm 46wm 50wm